Running a car…on aluminum?

phinergy-citroenPhinergy has developed a battery that’s, well, a bit difficult to categorize.  It’s powered by aluminum and air, but it’s not readily rechargeable.  Every 200 miles it needs to be refilled with water, and after 1000 miles, the aluminum plates need to be replaced.  So, what’s the point?  Well, it has some potential as a range-extender used in conjunction with a conventional rechargeable battery.  This Al battery could be a ‘reserve’, or for long road trips, actually replaced enroute (the cost of the raw material being replaced would be ~$50, so it might not cost much to do this).  It’s an interesting idea…and ideas like this take creative marketing and some lucky business deals to work out.  We’ll see.

(read more at extremetech)

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