10 hours of relaxing oceanscapes

Stuck in an office, wishing you were on vacation?  I know I am!  Fortunately the people at BBC Earth have provided this wonderful distraction, a ten hour video of various underwater scenes.  No weird music, just underwater greatness. 🙂

SlowTV for a Fast Plane

British Airways is offering its passengers an unusual in-flight entertainment option: SlowTV.  Specifically, a seven hour long video of a train ride from Bergen to Oslo (Norway).  Boring, yet relaxing and actually a pretty good idea for a long plane flight!  I hadn’t heard of Slow TV before, but if you search YouTube you’ll find quite a bit of this.  My favorite has to be an hour long video of a tropical beach…I’ll embed it below for your viewing enjoyment while I let it play on my second monitor. 🙂

Speaking of going slow, the Kona Brewing Company made a nice commercial about ‘single tasking’, doing just one thing for a change.  I like it!


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