Early-warning test for Alzheimer’s is 100% accurate

Researchers at Neurotrack have developed a computer-based cognitive test that can predict, with 100% accuracy, whether someone is likely to develop Alzheimer’s within six years.  Being given such advanced warning is a huge benefit, as it opens up possibilities for slowing the onset of this crippling disease.  Despite that 100% accuracy claim, it sounds like there IS a bit of uncertainty in the test.  If you score below 50, that’s where the 100% chance of Alzheimer’s applies.  Score about 67 and you’re in the clear (well, for six years at least).  It’s those people who score between 50 and 67 that are in a gray area…I suspect the diagnosis there would be to repeat the test every year.  Considering that it’s a fairly simple test to take, I don’t think that would be a big burden at all, just a minor inconvenience and part of growing old.  They’re even looking at adapting this test for iPads, something that people could then self-test at home!

You can read more over at Counsel&Heal.

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