Possible link between sugar consumption and Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientists in England have a found a possible link between excessive sugar consumption, and Alzheimer’s disease.  It’s not that sugar is suspected to cause Alzheimer’s, but rather that excess sugar in the body interferes with the body’s normal immune response to a build-up of abnormal proteins in the brian that clump and lead to Alzheimer’s.  Not that we really need any more reasons to avoid sugar, right?!  But this is yet another…

As I teach my daughter, ‘sugar is poison’.  Our bodies can handle it to some degree…life is too short to avoid Girl Scout cookies entirely…but it’s not good to subject our bodies to too much.

You can read more about the study in the journal Nature.

Roundup herbicide linked to cancer, autism, parkinson’s alzheimer’s

Well I think the title says it all…Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide is really nasty stuff that studies are showing has a link to some really nasty human diseases.  Add to that the increased use of crops that have been genetically modified to be roundup-resistant, and you should start being concerned about the safety of your food supply.  Do yourself a favor and either buy organic foods, or grow your own vegetables!  (read more at The Good Human)

Early-warning test for Alzheimer’s is 100% accurate

Researchers at Neurotrack have developed a computer-based cognitive test that can predict, with 100% accuracy, whether someone is likely to develop Alzheimer’s within six years.  Being given such advanced warning is a huge benefit, as it opens up possibilities for slowing the onset of this crippling disease.  Despite that 100% accuracy claim, it sounds like there IS a bit of uncertainty in the test.  If you score below 50, that’s where the 100% chance of Alzheimer’s applies.  Score about 67 and you’re in the clear (well, for six years at least).  It’s those people who score between 50 and 67 that are in a gray area…I suspect the diagnosis there would be to repeat the test every year.  Considering that it’s a fairly simple test to take, I don’t think that would be a big burden at all, just a minor inconvenience and part of growing old.  They’re even looking at adapting this test for iPads, something that people could then self-test at home!

You can read more over at Counsel&Heal.

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