Graphene body armor

I love graphene…this is truly a super material and I can’t wait until production methods are able to mass product it!  The latest potential application is in the construction of body armor, where it’s shown to have 8-10 times the stopping power of steel.  Pretty cool for just plain carbon!  Add this to graphene’s already impressive resume of, among other things, transparency, flexible, strong, able to create super-batteries, highly electrically conductive, etc.  Cool stuff (you can read more about the body armor study here).

Speaking of graphene, though…I was disappointed to see my daughter’s third grade spelling test recently.  One of the words was ‘grapheme‘…which I had to Google to find out what it was (it’s the smallest semantically distinguishing unit in a written language).  What a completely useless word that the kids will quickly forget.  The same spelling challenge could have been taught by asking them to spell graphene instead…and THAT is a word that will undoubtedly become as much of a part of their lives as ‘plastic’ is in mine!

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