Apple expands recycling program to cover ALL products

Apple has long offered gift cards in exchange for old Apple products that have some commercial value…but they’re now expanding that recycling program to include ALL Apple products, even ones that are worthless.  They won’t be giving out gift cards for your own junk, but they WILL recycle them for free, you just drop them off at any Apple store.

Apple is also touting some recent environmental advancements they’re making, such as:

  • Including both data centers and corporate campuses, 94 percent of Apple’s energy is from renewable sources
  • Apple is working with suppliers to recycle water with a new Clean Water Program pilot
  • All Apple cables used in China are now PVC-free
  • Apple has signed the CERES Climate Declaration
  • Energy initiatives at facilities in Cupertino have saved enough energy to power 1200 homes per year
  • Over 1000 shared bicycles will be available at the new ‘spaceship’ campus
  • Over 90 percent of material Apple recycles is from products other than their own

(via AppleInsider)

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