Lithium-sulfer battery promises 4X improvement

lithium-wyomingA new lithium-sulfer battery technology under development promises to prove around four times the energy storage as current lithium ion batteries.  Also, since it doesn’t use a liquid electrolyte, it’s expected to be safer (ie, less flammable) than existing technologies.  It’s in the prototype phase, which usually (for stuff like this) means a couple years from production.

All in all, it sounds remarkable, but what’s really cool is that announcements like this are becoming pretty common…there’s often another new fantastic battery technology mentioned in the news.  It’s an indication that, overall, battery storage is quickly headed to the kind of levels where it’ll be making a big impact on our lives…first with electric cars, and soon with off-the-grid power supplies for houses and the development of ‘micro grids’.  Cool stuff.

(via inhabitat)

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