BPS – the new BPA in plastics

We’ve all heard of the fuss regarding BPA in plastics.  Perhaps a bit overblown, but a valid health concern nonetheless.  The result is that it’s easy enough these days to find BPA-free plastics, but what does that really mean?  In many products, BPA was replaced with BPS, and it’s really not that clear that BPS is any better than BPA.  So, what can you do?  Not much, but start by avoiding plastics in your food chain where possible.  This means avoiding canned foods (the metal cans have plastic linings inside), avoid soda (for oh so many reasons!), avoid #3 and #7 marked plastics, choose BPA free lids for canning, and use glass water bottles.  Ok, so that last one especially seems like a stretch, and I can’t see a glass water bottle being a good choice for an active outdoors lifestyle, but do keep in mind that even metal water bottles have a plastic liner inside.

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