Burger-making machine

Watch out, burger flippers of the world…Momentum Machines is looking to put you out of work with their new hamburger-making machine.  It slices the toppings on demand, offers custom meat grinds (mixing multiple meats, for example), and can produce around six burgers per minute.  This photo here is of an actual burger produced by the machine, and you know what?  It looks like the promotional pictures restaurants use for their burgers…you know, the pictures that look NOTHING LIKE the actual burger they serve you.  After the horrible experience I had at McDonald’s over the weekend (see the picture below)…I think this is the coolest machine ever made.  Read more about it over at Gizmag.

This was half of the Angus burger McDonald’s served me over the weekend. Sloppy construction. Giant glob of mayo (not shown). A couple slices of onions (when I has specifically asked for NO ONIONS).  If this is the best humans can do, I’d rather have a machine-made burger!

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