The death of Google Reader

google_readerGoogle Reader is going away!  For I don’t know how many years, Reader has been a part of my daily routines and the tool I’ve most used to keep track of approximately one gazillion RSS feeds.  As of July 1st, 2013, it will be no more.  This also means that my favorite RSS reader for the iPad, Reeder, will no longer work either (it syncs with your Google Reader account).

This feels…weird.  It’s hard enough when I go camping in places without cell coverage and can’t keep up with my RSS feeds.  Apart from those instances…RSS is a part of my life.  I have only a few months to find new solutions for this…yikes!  Ok, ok, gotta stop freaking out here…

Fortunately I’m not alone, and have joined a support group for people facing this transition.  Just kidding about the support group, but there ARE others out there facing this problem and writing stories about alternatives.  I came across this one at Siliconangle (they saw this coming; the article is dated 2/11).  NewsBlur sounds the most promising so far, as I need something that’s in sync across browsers AND iOS apps.

In the meantime, I’ve already backed up my Reader data (which thankfully includes starred items) using the Google Takeout tool.

I hate it when people MOVE MY CHEESE…   >:<

Latest Google Glass news

The Google Glasses project continues to move ahead, and while I expect the coolest uses will take a while to materialize (augmented reality, mainly, due to software challenges), Google just released a video (below) that helps show how people will use these at first.  It’s exactly what I want for skiing (how it can integrate with goggles will be a challenge though) – but it’s the ability to take photos or videos on the fly, without digging out a smartphone, that’ll be really cool.  I can’t wait!  (link for full article)

AR with Google

Google is rumored to be releasing some Augmented Reality glasses later this year, and while there is no official word on this, they make no secret of the fact that they’re interested in this market and working on concepts.  One such concept implementation is shown in the video below, and is a really interesting example not only of AR, but how Google specifically can offer services that enhance your AR experience.

Google AR Glasses

The web is abuzz lately with rumors that Google is not only developing augmented reality glasses, but that they’ll actually be for sale later this year!  Features are expected to include a camera and small display (obviously), though also a cellular data connection and multiple sensors (including GPS), for under $1k (closer to $500-600 is more likely).  Information will supposedly be displayed in an augmented reality sort of view, overlaid into the wearer’s field of view, rather than be shown on a separate display off to the side.  So at this point, it’s all just a bunch of rumors but one things for certain, AR is advanced at a fast pace and once the display technologies have reached a consumer level, expect a flood of apps to surface.

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