I’m an alpha geek, obsessed with technology and how it can improve our lives.  Along the way though, I’ve grown depressed about the sort of world we’re shaping.  Technology is an amazing tool, but it can be used for both good and bad…and I’m seeing human greed, coupled with technology, leading to some really bad decisions.

This blog serves two purposes.  First, it’s a nice old-school blog where I share stories about what interests me.  Second, it’s a way to help others see what I see as being wrong about this world, and to see how we can be better using technology to make the world a better place.

The name of this blog, PeakGeek?  A few reasons there.  First, I’m a geek, probably not the true ‘peak’ geek on a global scale, but I consider myself up there.  Second, one common theme I see in what’s wrong with this world is that we are consuming natural resources faster than they are replenished, meaning there will be a ‘peak’ for each of those where demand exceeds supply.  Third, my home has a great view of a really nice peak in Colorado.  Lastly, good domain names are just really tough to find these days, so I figured this’ll do.

I don’t believe we need to revert to a caveman lifestyle in order to live in harmony with this world, but I do believe we need to combine technology with a passion to make the world a better place.

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