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Compilation of the best-ever SuperBowl commericals

Let’s face it…the best thing about the SuperBowl can be the commercials (especially during last year’s “game”!).  Check out the great compilation below of some of the best of the best.

The Best Super Bowl Commercials Ever Compilation by worldwideinterweb

The Internet is Awesome – Pomplamoose

Yes.  Yes it is.

SlowTV for a Fast Plane

British Airways is offering its passengers an unusual in-flight entertainment option: SlowTV.  Specifically, a seven hour long video of a train ride from Bergen to Oslo (Norway).  Boring, yet relaxing and actually a pretty good idea for a long plane flight!  I hadn’t heard of Slow TV before, but if you search YouTube you’ll find quite a bit of this.  My favorite has to be an hour long video of a tropical beach…I’ll embed it below for your viewing enjoyment while I let it play on my second monitor. 🙂

Speaking of going slow, the Kona Brewing Company made a nice commercial about ‘single tasking’, doing just one thing for a change.  I like it!


Forget standing desks – use a fetal position desk instead ;)

Standing desks may be the latest trend (with some solid health benefits!), but now there’s a new trend emerging – fetal position desks!  Check out the very informative 😉 video below.  Just some Friday humor for you from The Onion…

Why climate change scares me

If you want to know why I feel the way I do about climate change, watch this video from a TEDx conference two years ago:

The speaker talks about the path we’re on, where it’s headed, and what that really means for us.  He paints a pretty dire picture…and it’s worth noting that this video is two years old.  In that time, there’s been no action taken, and no science found to refute these conclusions…yet we remain mired in place, unable to embrace the science and take action.