Movea Fitness Band

Movea fitness bandYes, it’s yet another wrist-worn activity tracker, this time the Movea G-series.  They’re claiming to be the most accurate wristband, able to even detect the posture of the user.  However, this is only a reference design at this point, awaiting a manufacturer to step forth and bring this to market or incorporate its technology into their own product.  A vaporware product like this is readily dismissed, yet if you poke around Movea’s website, you’ll see they’re also providing the platform to OEMs to incorporate gesture-based control into interactive TV experiences.  With this wristband, they’re showing off one of the critical pieces of the puzzle, to allow for gesture-based TV control…and I think this is a market we’ll see devices addressing in 2014 (Apple iWatch).  Read more at The Verge.

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