A quick GMO summary

Check out the Huffington Post for a great, short summary of what you should know about Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs).  I’m quoting the key points below, but read the full article for the explanations, details, and supporting facts:

  1. GMOs have never undergone standard testing or regulation for human safety.
  2. But we know that GMOs have proven harmful in animal studies.
  3. And the most widely used GMOs are paired with an herbicide linked to serious health risks.
  4. The consequences of GMO technology are inherently unpredictable.
  5. GMO makers intimidate and silence farmers and scientists.
  6. GMOs undermine our food security.
  7. GMOs aren’t needed in the first place, so why would we take on these risks and harms?

Voters in California have the opportunity this year to force companies to indicate if the food they produce contains GMOs.  If CA votes to implement that, it’s likely to start a nationwide movement not to ban GMOs, but to at least let people know whether or not they’re consuming GMOs so they can make the choice for themselves.

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