Fox News and Wall Street Journal misleading on science

Fox News (and to perhaps a lesser extent, the Wall Street Journal) have reputations for being less than factual with the news they report, but is that fair?  The Union of Concerned Scientists took a look at the science reporting done by these two outlets, and have a published a report which you may view in its entirety here.  In summary, 93% of the references to climate change on Fox News were misleading and most commonly broadly dismissing “the scientific consensus that climate change is occurring or human-induced.”  The Wall Street Journal fared similarly poor, with 81% of letters, op-eds, columns, and editorials misleading their readers.

I see no problem with news stations having a political bias, but I do believe they have a social and moral obligation to be factual.  What’s scary is that Americans are following these companies willingly (Fox News is the most-watched cable news channel in the US, with the Wall Street Journal leading for newspaper circulation).  They are doing the public a great disservice by establishing this form of misleading reporting as the norm.

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