Aurasma AR platform

Using image and pattern recognition, Aurasma’s new 3D augmented reality platform helps expand the possibilities for AR…you don’t need special targets or predefined images to be recognized, in theory it could work with any object.  Pretty cool, check out the video below.

You’ll be seeing me write a lot about augmented reality (AR) on this website. This is partly because it’s an emerging technology with massive potential, but also because I see it as a possible solution to our consumption problem as a species. If you can modify the data between the light being transmitted off an object, and that received by the brain, it opens up some fascinating possibilities. No longer would we need to build and purchase new TVs, for example, we’d just need a flat wall (or nothing at all!). Etc. It’s going to be a wild ride. For now, the user interface is confined to mobile phones, but the display technologies are advancing fast (contact lenses with embedded LEDs; transparent eye glasses that can overlay an image onto your field of view, etc). Watch this space for more.

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