The Wil Wheaton Project

So, if you’re a true geek, you probably know by now that Wil Wheaton has his own weekly TV show now, called, you guessed it, The Wil Wheaton Project (I hope they didn’t spend too long thinking up that name…).  If you didn’t already know about it…it’s a weekly look into geek culture, and is, so far, not bad!  My one complaint is that he talks about Game of Thrones…which I still haven’t caught up on (but that’s my own fault). Wil has a long blog post about the history of the show that’s worth reading, too.

Cord-cutters won’t have an easy time watching the show as it’s not available in iTunes.  You can find it on Bittorrent of course, or if you have family members that have cable or satellite and are willing to share their login with you, you can watch episodes on the day after they air.  There’s also a SyFy iPad app that works the same way (you need a cable/satellite login)…but allows you to then play that video on your TV via an AppleTV.

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