Cameras on Animals

A couple days back I saw a video taken by a camera strapped to the back of an eagle.  Very cool, but I doubted the authenticity of it.  I’ve been watching more and more sites post that video since then, and it’s looking like it’s the real deal, so I’m posting it here as it really is pretty cool (even if it does end up being a hoax!).

That got me thinking about all the other ‘cameras on animal’ videos I’ve seen…and I’m including some of the best below.  Starting with one favorite, a camera strapped to a dog with the video set to a great song (Hearts by Johnny Neon, if you’re curious).  If you’re looking to make your own pet videos, the camera of choice is definitely the GoPro.

Dog at dog park:

Here’s one strapped to the back of a Peregrine Falcon:

For you cat lovers, here’s one, a bit corporate (made by Friskies) but still very good:

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