How to live with Introverts

how_to_live_with_introverts_by_schrojones-d4tfoyoI found this cool infographic (created by Schroeder Jones) over at Laughing Squid; click the thumbnail for a full size version.  I find it pretty much spot-on, at least from an interovert’s point of view.  If you’re not one of us, you might find it a fascinating perspective and think we’re really weird.  Don’t worry, us introverts won’t be offended, we think extroverts are really weird too.

I’ve been traveling to China a bit this year, and find it mentally very relaxing.  I think this infographic helps shed some light on that.  China is such a foreign country that there’s very little expectation of social contact of any meaningful sort apart from what I initiate.  Hotel staff is friendly but that’s just casual ‘hellos’ and I move on.  I can move about in my hamster ball undisturbed, be a part of society without social interaction (hmm…is that technically possible?).

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