3D Printed Gun stirs up controversy…and idiocy

Not surprisingly, people are freaking out about the 3D Printed Gun design that was released a few days ago.  The US State Department sent a cease and desist letter to the person who posted the plans online, demanding that they be removed.  He complied (though has hired a lawyer to fight this), but to even make such a request shows incredible ignorance of the information age we live in.  The plans were downloaded around one million times and are available elsewhere online.  Governments cannot suppress information…to attempt to do so is futile.   Lawmakers in California and other areas of the country are trying to ban 3D printed gun technology.  Meanwhile, efforts to implement mandatory background checks for gun purchases have failed in Congress.  So, you can’t print your own single-shot gun that might explode in your hands when you try to use it and at has horrible accuracy, but it’s OK to go buy an AR-15 with high capacity magazine, armor piecing rounds, and body armor.  Does anyone else see the lunacy in this?

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