Disruptive technologies

Technology doesn’t so much change our lives, as much as our lives change as technology changes.  In many countries, it’s an integral part of what we are today.  This graphic from frugaldad.com does a nice job of showing some of the areas where new technologies are replacing the old (‘disruptive’ technology).  For example, smartphones and tablets are making the traditional desktop PC obsolete.

It’s worth noting though, that while this technological evolution continues, the majority of the world is left out of much of it, though at the same time, the rapid evolution of technology allows others to leapfrog the first-world countries.  Cell phones are a good example, where third-world telephone infrastructure is so sparsely deployed and unreliable that more people own cell phones than traditional land lines.  Or in India, where solar is favored over coal.  People in first-world countries can ride the wave of technological progress, while much of the world ends up on a different path, skipping ahead once technologies have reached certain price/performance points.

The infographic is pretty big, so check it out after the ‘more’ link.

Personal Technology Infographic

Source: FrugalDad


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