Why climate change scares me

If you want to know why I feel the way I do about climate change, watch this video from a TEDx conference two years ago:

The speaker talks about the path we’re on, where it’s headed, and what that really means for us.  He paints a pretty dire picture…and it’s worth noting that this video is two years old.  In that time, there’s been no action taken, and no science found to refute these conclusions…yet we remain mired in place, unable to embrace the science and take action.

Invisibility cloak from TED2013

This is a far cry from a true invisibility cloak, but what assistant professor Baile Zhang showed off at TED2013 in Long Beach recently is one big step closer to that ideal.  Check out the video for a quick demo.  It’s made from two pieces of optical crystals (calcite) cemented together.  Lots of questions remain about this (such as how close the object needs to be to be ‘hidden’…but it’s pretty cool nonetheless.

Climate Change is Simple

I really like this TED speech from David Roberts, called ‘Climate is Simple‘.  Well I like how he presents the facts…but I don’t like hearing the conclusions (though I don’t dispute them).  He sums up where the climate has been, where we’re at now, and where we’re headed.  It’s that last part that scares me…we’re on the verge of ruining this planet for future generations.  What gives us the right to do that?  I believe we should preserve this planet for future generations to enjoy…not alter it for future generations to suffer and face a lesser quality of life than us.  If you agree, it’s worth watching this video:

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