Bekant convertible desk from IKEA

bekant-corner-desk-left-sit-stand__0252623_PE391324_S4IKEA has introduced a convertible sitting/standing desk called the Bekant, for around $500 (there’s actually a whole product family of desks with this name, at different prices).  It has an electric motor that raises the desk for a standing position, or lowers it for sitting.  I’m a huge believer in the benefits of using a standing desk at work, though even I still take sitting breaks during the day.  I love the convertible desk idea and it’s great seeing this trend start to go mainstream.  Watch the video below if you want to watch a desk be lowered and raised, or if you’d rather not waste that 1:14 of your life, just go buy one next time you’re at IKEA.  The transition to a standing desk is not too difficult, and totally worth it (and the transition is much easier with a convertible desk like this that makes it easy to take breaks!).

Why Apple Pay will be a hit

Yet another day, yet another company (Dairy Queen, this time) realizes their computer security was breached, exposing customers’ names and credit card information.  The brilliance of Apple Pay?  None of that data would have been transmitted from the phone to the business in the first place.  There would be no data to actually steal.  Say bye-bye to traditional credit card terminals.  Read about Dairy Queen’s data breach here.