World’s fastest electric boat

mercedes-amg-cigarette-racing-team-38-foot-electric-go-fast-boat-14Now this is cool…a 100+mph electric powered speedboat!  It features twelve electric motors (six per prop) and a 240kWh lithium-ion battery pack.  That pack is wired to produce 400V, and can provide a mind blowing 6000A!  But then, a boat like this is built for marketing purposes primarily, speed secondary, and range, well, range isn’t really a consideration for these vehicles yet.  At full speed, you get about ten minutes run time.  🙁

(via gizmag)

Latest Google Glass news

The Google Glasses project continues to move ahead, and while I expect the coolest uses will take a while to materialize (augmented reality, mainly, due to software challenges), Google just released a video (below) that helps show how people will use these at first.  It’s exactly what I want for skiing (how it can integrate with goggles will be a challenge though) – but it’s the ability to take photos or videos on the fly, without digging out a smartphone, that’ll be really cool.  I can’t wait!  (link for full article)

A boat for the 1% – the ‘Xhibitionist

xhibitionistsuperyachtWell, here’s a boat (concept) for those who omit the word ‘subtle’ from their vocabulary and lifestyle.  It’s the 75 meter long Xhibitionist superyacht, with a heliport, hot tub (of course), car showroom inside, matching supercar, yeah, you get the idea.  Kinda over the top, ya know?  While the design is distinctive, it’s lacks the elegant lines that other super yachts like the late Steve Jobs’ posses.  Still, I have no doubt there’s some mega-billionaire chomping at the bit to have one (or two!) of these built ASAP.

(via Autoblog…strangely enough)

A PC, without the junk

Unless you’re one of the few who have been raised on a Mac since the diaper days, you’ve dealt with buying a new PC and all the software that it comes pre-loaded with (well, unless you’ve bought a high-end workstation from HP or similar companies, those I’ve found to be thankfully free of that junk!).  The software shipped on consumer PCs is sometimes helpful, but more often than not, just slows down your computer and becomes an annoyance with pesky popups asking you to upgrade.  With the arrival of the Microsoft Store comes ‘Microsoft Signature‘, a fancy way of saying they’ll sell you a computer the way they originally intended.  Just the OS, none of the garbage.  Well not quite…it does include Zune software, Microsoft Live Essentials, and other software that Microsoft wanted to ship you.  So in that respect it’s a lot like what a third-party computer company would sell.  However, I do think you’re better off…I’ve seen a lot of crap come from those third party computer companies and dealt with plenty more that wanted to install itself when I’d upgrade my computer.  It’s more in line with what Apple does, they provide software that is typically better integrated than third party solutions.  Check it out here.