The Lorax..and Mazda?

Mazda, you should be ashamed of yourself. To take the timeless Seuss classic ‘The Lorax’ and pervert it to suit your marketing neeeds…this sets a new low.  The Lorax speaks for the trees and against mass consumption and consumerism.  Early reviews of the movie are equally depressing, with the original environmental message mostly missing.  I’ll admit that I haven’t seen it yet…with what I’ve heard so far, I’m reluctant to spend the money to see it in a theater and will wait for it to be available in iTunes instead.

One encouraging sign though, is that on YouTube, Mazda’s commercial has an overwhelming negative review so far (90% negative votes!).  This is corporate green-washing at its worst.  Don’t fall for it.  These 4th graders can see the truth, can you?

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