Transparent aluminum

Trekkie of the world, rejoice!  Transparent aluminum is moving ever closer to real, viable products.  Under heat and pressure, aluminum oxynitride powder is fused into a clear (after polishing) material that proves more bullet resistant than laminate glass (a 1.6″ thick panel performed better than a 3.7″ piece of laminate glass).  And impresses your friends.  Current applications are high-priced bullet-resistant windows, battlefield optics, etc.

(via ohgizmo)


Scientists have long studied geckos, fascinated by the amazing holding power of their feet and continuously attempting to replicate that with human technology.  Well, we’re a step closer now thanks to researchers at the University of Massachusetts, who developed a pad that mimics the pads and tendons of a gecko’s feet, with the result able to hold hundreds of pounds to a smooth wall (~700lbs, to be more precise).  The example they showed was a 42″ TV held only by this ‘geckskin’ material.  Read more about it over at New Scientist.

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