Espresso in Space

tdyjfjfkPerhaps the greatest problem astronauts face has been solved – Lavazza has designed an espresso machine which the Italian Space Agency intends to send up to the International Space Station!  Astronauts can now enjoy a shot of espresso in the mornings, though due to the microgravity environment, they’ll be forced to sip it from a plastic bag rather than a ceramic cup.  But hey, small price to pay for the ability to drink espresso while enjoying one of the most magnificent views in the solar system!

If Bigelow Aerospace manages to build their space hotel, I wonder how long it’ll be before Starbucks opens up their first orbital coffee shop?


ISS Earth-cam

ISSNASA has finally installed an Earth-facing HD webcam on the ISS, and is streaming the video for all to enjoy…check it out below!  If the image is black it means the ISS is on the dark side of Earth, gray means the feed is currently down.  Flying discs in the image mean Martians are about to invade my favorite planet.

Live streaming video by Ustream

Time lapse video of Earth, seen from space

This is hardly new, but it’s worth sharing time and time again.  It’s a time lapse video taken of the most amazing planet our species has ever laid eyes upon, as seen from the International Space Station.  Nice to watch time and time again as a reminder of how awesome this planet is.


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