How to live with Introverts

how_to_live_with_introverts_by_schrojones-d4tfoyoI found this cool infographic (created by Schroeder Jones) over at Laughing Squid; click the thumbnail for a full size version.  I find it pretty much spot-on, at least from an interovert’s point of view.  If you’re not one of us, you might find it a fascinating perspective and think we’re really weird.  Don’t worry, us introverts won’t be offended, we think extroverts are really weird too.

I’ve been traveling to China a bit this year, and find it mentally very relaxing.  I think this infographic helps shed some light on that.  China is such a foreign country that there’s very little expectation of social contact of any meaningful sort apart from what I initiate.  Hotel staff is friendly but that’s just casual ‘hellos’ and I move on.  I can move about in my hamster ball undisturbed, be a part of society without social interaction (hmm…is that technically possible?).

Introverts vs. Extroverts, explained

This is a really cool video that helps explain introverts versus extroverts.  In a society where extroversion is the ‘norm’, introverts can feel out of place when in reality it’s society that needs to change, not the introverts (can’t change who you are!).  This video is a good one for introverts to watch as it helps you understand why you don’t fit in, and it’s good for extroverts to watch to better understand introverts.

(In case you’re wondering, I’m very introverted…and once I came to understand and accept that, life become so much better!)

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