ISS Earth-cam

ISSNASA has finally installed an Earth-facing HD webcam on the ISS, and is streaming the video for all to enjoy…check it out below!  If the image is black it means the ISS is on the dark side of Earth, gray means the feed is currently down.  Flying discs in the image mean Martians are about to invade my favorite planet.

Live streaming video by Ustream

This Planet is Worth Fighting For

Take some time today to watch the video added below.  It’s a great reminder of how beautiful and wonderful this planet is, and how our actions are ruining it.  We have no right to deprive future generations of the magnificence of this world; we have a moral and social obligation to do everything we can to live in balance with the world around us.  If we destroy the planet, we will destroy our society as well; our current path is not sustainable and change will happen whether we want it or not.  Let’s lead that change and shape our future, rather than let it be shaped for us.

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