Climate Change and Skeptics

Jerry Brown, governor of California, has a launched a new website discussing climate change…but the real gem of it is the section devoted to climate change skeptics (or ‘morons’, as I like to refer to them).  It does a good job of presenting rational responses to the arguments skeptics typically make.  Not that skeptics are interested in rational responses and those annoying things called ‘facts’, but hey, it might make you feel more confident when debating climate change with someone.  Or it might just make you depressed that only about half of Americans believe that people are responsible for this.

Check out the Climate Change Deniers section when you get a chance.

Also keep in mind that what matters with climate is the trends over several years, you can’t draw conclusions from just one year.  The past 12 months have been record-setting, sure, but using that to support your position when debating climate change puts you on thin ice (so to speak).  Stick to the science…one year is interesting, but decades are what establishes scientific fact.

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