Eco Market

Eco Market is a neat ecommerce site that features small sellers selling eco-friendly stuff.  It’s a bit UK-centric, so you do have to be conscious of the environmental impact of shipping small packages halfway around the world, but I found that when you dig into some categories, there are search boxes at the top that let you select options such as ‘ships from’, to at least have some influence over that factor.  If you have an eco-friendly product you’re trying to sell, it might be worth checking out this site!

(via Treehugger)

Amazon launches Vine, an eco-friendly shopping site

Amazon has started a new e-commerce site,, where they’re focused on selling environmentally-friendly products.  Vine offers free two day shipping on orders over $49, 95% recycled shipping boxes, and supposedly intelligent shipping software to ensure an appropriate box size (without all the wasted space I often find in Amazon packages).  They have a pretty broad selection of green products, such as seeds from Seeds of Change, organic catnip for your cats (really), recycled toilet paper, yoga supplies, and, well, you get the idea.

It’s always best to BUY LESS STUFF…but when you do need something, buy eco-smart…and websites like Vine help out there.

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