MetaPro AR glasses

metapro_1-580x322Shipping next June, the MetaPro glasses offer a significantly more immersive experience than Google Glass, but at a much higher cost…$3,000.   You’ll wear a small computer to wirelessly communicate with the glasses, which can display full 720p HD in a 40 degree field of view.  Potential applications for this all come down to software, which is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario.  Nevertheless, with more products like this emerging onto the markets, I expect the software side of things to pick up pace in 2014.  Meta claims their app store has 500+ apps, which is a great start even if you’re pessimistic and expect most of those to be junk.

The one drawback?  It has built in cameras.  I think people are still going to be uncomfortable around others who are wearing glasses that may or may not be recording everything you say.

Read more over at SlashGear or check out Meta’s homepage to preorder.

Using Google Glasses in the Kitchen

A recent patent application shows a cool possible use for Google Glass…controlling appliances in your kitchen.  It’d use the camera in the Glasses to determine which appliance you’re looking at (either object recognition, or perhaps ugly QR codes plastered all over your kitchen), and if the appliance has enough built in connectivity, a command could then be sent to the appliance.  The application is broader than just kitchen appliances, as it reflects how this technology could be used in many aspects of your life.  Conceivably, knobs, switches, and keypads could all become obsolete.

(via Wired)

Latest Google Glass news

The Google Glasses project continues to move ahead, and while I expect the coolest uses will take a while to materialize (augmented reality, mainly, due to software challenges), Google just released a video (below) that helps show how people will use these at first.  It’s exactly what I want for skiing (how it can integrate with goggles will be a challenge though) – but it’s the ability to take photos or videos on the fly, without digging out a smartphone, that’ll be really cool.  I can’t wait!  (link for full article)

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