Senators go on the record on Climate Change

Some recent votes have put Senators on the record on their position on climate change.  Despite them not being climate scientists themselves, many of them are choosing to ignore the conclusions that the overwhelming majority of climate scientists have reached.  Specifically, Senators defeated a proposed amendment that stated that “climate change is real (and) human activity significantly contributes to climate change.”  To any educated person, that statement is kinda obvious and not a big deal.  However, 49 Senators voted ‘NO’ to that statement.  Children of the world…these 49 people are blocking efforts to combat climate change at the Federal government level in this country.  The science is indisputable…your future is being put at risk by these and others that agree with them.  Know this, and remember this, for in the coming years, chances are there will be some pretty creative spin put on the climate change issue as people worldwide are forced to face the reality…they’ll talk about uncertainties, doubts that people had…but know that the IS no doubt in the climate science community.  The only doubt is that which is created by those who seek to block efforts to reduce CO2 emissions (the ‘why’ is a subject for another day, but a quick tip there, just follow the money).

Read more at NBC or ThinkProgress.

The names of the Senators who voted ‘NO’ are shown below (full results are here).  Note that Harry Reid (D-NV) did not vote on this amendment so his position is unknown.  Note that not a single Democrat voted ‘NO’.   To their credit, five brave Republican Senators broke ranks and voted ‘YES’!  Nice to see…but we need more like them!

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Why the US government doesn’t act on climate change

If you want to know why the US doesn’t take any significant action on climate change, look no further than the House of Representatives subcommittee on Climate Change.  Its new chair is Rep Chris Stewart, a Republican from Utah who does not believe in man-made climate change.  This is also a guy who thinks the EPA should be eliminated because it ‘thwarts energy development.’  Yeah, just ask China how that’s going.  I for one believe that sacrificing long term growth and prosperity in favor of short term profits is NOT pro-business, and am disgusted at the Republican party as a whole for taking that stance while at the same time pretending to be pro-business.  This short-term perspective is nothing more than personal greed.

When virtually all climate scientists believe in man-made climate change…to have the chair of this subcommittee oppose that view is an outright rejection of science and logic.  No wonder Congress can’t get anything done.

(via Salon)

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