World’s fastest electric boat

mercedes-amg-cigarette-racing-team-38-foot-electric-go-fast-boat-14Now this is cool…a 100+mph electric powered speedboat!  It features twelve electric motors (six per prop) and a 240kWh lithium-ion battery pack.  That pack is wired to produce 400V, and can provide a mind blowing 6000A!  But then, a boat like this is built for marketing purposes primarily, speed secondary, and range, well, range isn’t really a consideration for these vehicles yet.  At full speed, you get about ten minutes run time.  🙁

(via gizmag)

A boat for the 1% – the ‘Xhibitionist

xhibitionistsuperyachtWell, here’s a boat (concept) for those who omit the word ‘subtle’ from their vocabulary and lifestyle.  It’s the 75 meter long Xhibitionist superyacht, with a heliport, hot tub (of course), car showroom inside, matching supercar, yeah, you get the idea.  Kinda over the top, ya know?  While the design is distinctive, it’s lacks the elegant lines that other super yachts like the late Steve Jobs’ posses.  Still, I have no doubt there’s some mega-billionaire chomping at the bit to have one (or two!) of these built ASAP.

(via Autoblog…strangely enough)

Solar powered boat completes round the world journey

I have mixed feelings about this one.  PlanetSolar is less than one day from completing a circumnavigation using a boat powered only by the sun; it’s taken them about 600 days to do this.  I’m not quite sure what they’re trying to prove here.  If you want to go ‘green’ on your trip around the world, solar just can’t compete with wind.  Sailboats are a proven ‘green’ technology that are faster and can go more places in the world’s oceans (PlanetSolar is limited more to the equatorial regions where the sun’s more direct rays result in more powered gathered by the solar panels).  Likewise, storms pose little challenge for sailboats but the cloud cover hurts the performance of PlanetSolar.  Yes, solar is useful even on sailboats for powering shipboard electronics, but when it comes to propulsion, the abundant wind on the oceans is a fantastic, proven resource.

A solar boat?  I don’t get it.  Hoist the mainsail, matey.

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