SketchFab – the ‘YouTube’ for 3D files

Lotus Elise.lwo (click to view in 3D)


Lotus Elise.lwo

Creators of 3D files have had a real challenge in sharing those files with other users easily.  They can post 2D screenshots, or provide 3D files which must be downloaded and opened by somewhat specialized software.  SketchFab is providing a great alternative – you upload your 3D file, then can embed it (just like with YouTube videos) in your Kickstarter campaign or whatever, with the users able to view, rotate, zoom, your model just from their web browser – no special software or downloads needed.  It’s not a way for people to download files – just a way to help them view what you’ve already created.  You can see it in action firsthand in the Lotus Exige model embedded above.  Pretty cool.  Check out more here or read more at

UPDATE – well, the first time I embedded this in my post, it worked as intended – all spinning etc from the preview window above. Now it’s linking to an external site…I’m not really sure why? Immature technology perhaps…but still very promising. Also note that the model above is incorrectly named by its creator…the engine cover on this car makes it clear it’s an Exige, not an Elise!

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