3D Printing Options

new_cubeJoy of joys…I finally have my own 3D Printer!  I’ll be writing much more about it soon, but in the meantime, if you’re interested in this stuff, check out this article at MAKE, it’s their self-labeled ‘Ultimate 3D Printer Buyer’s Guide‘.  The options are many, though in the end, I opted for a lower end consumer oriented machine, as I don’t see the others filling my occasional need for professional quality prototypes.  The machine I bought is the Cube printer from 3D Systems.  The price was a bit high compared to the more DIY type options, but I opted for that as it’s more likely (I felt) to be a true plug and play, hands off sort of machine.  I’ll be using it for quick, rough protos, though I expect I’ll still depend on vendors for higher quality prototypes at times.  A perfect combo, really.  Stay tuned for more on the Cube…I’ve been using it for only a couple days now and am learning a lot!

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