Slow climate change by working less!

Now here’s an idea I think we could all accept.  The Center for Economic and Policy Research has released a paper (PDF link) that looks at the impact that working fewer hours would have on climate change.  It assumes that working less would also result in decreased consumption, which then decreased factory output, etc…and finds that reducing work hours by an annual average of only 0.5% over the rest of this century would eliminate 25-50% of the global warming that has not yet already been ‘locked in’ (or in other words, reduce the warming yet to be caused by future greenhouse gas emissions).  The estimated impact to personal impact is a reduction of 10-25%, in exchange for increased leisure time.

Now, we just need a catchy slogan for this.  Post any ideas in the comments below, let’s make this happen! 🙂

(via Inhabitat)

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